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The apartements in AUFBERG 1113 and AUFBERG 1110 bring nature into the room. The natural materials and the clear style symbolise the silence of the forest and the surrounding nature. Sun-drenched all day, the flats offer an ideal retreat.

AUFBERG 1110 – Apartment Freisitz

AUFBERG 1110 – Apartment Ansitz

As if chiselled out of the hillside.
Built entirely of wood, it is economical, sustainable and atmospherically warm. Cottage character and open fire: nest warmth.
Inside, a spatial wonder, different room heights, galleries, two flats. The windows frame the view of the landscape.
1110 metres above sea level.
AUFBERG 1113 – Apartment Schwalbennest

AUFBERG 1113 – Apartment Spatzennest

The Bird’s Nest – rooms for sun people. The view goes south to glaciers and two valleys. Two flats: One introverted, the view framed like a picture on the wall, a patio, an alcove lined with grey loden. The other extroverted, open, with a panoramic view from east to west, the terrace floating freely at an airy height.
1113 metres above sea level.
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