The architecture of the Munich architect Prof. Andreas Meck convinces by way of clear lines and generosity, defined by the combination of wood, natural stone, exposed concrete and glass. In the words of the architect the design of Aufberg could be described in the following manner:

Aufberg 1113

A little cottage on a mountain.
A steep slope.
Spaces for sunny individuals.
The southerly view directs ones eye towards glacier, and in two valleys.
No ornament.
A wall made of reinforced concrete lines the path into the house.
The walls mime the high contours.
A base developed to support a wooden construction.
Lightly and cantilevered into the sun.
The chimney forms the center of the house.
Two apartments:
The one withdrawn, the view framed like a picture on the wall, a patio and niche lined with grey lolden. The other one extroverted, open, with a panoramic view from east to west, the terrace free floating in airy height.

Aufberg 1110

Unexpected was the assignment for a second little house on the mountain.
Related with the firstling but yet remaining independent.
Both are creating a common place on the mountain.
The building is simple and self-evident.
Like sculpted out oft the hillside.
The roof follows the steep slope.
Built completely out of wood it is economical, sustainable and atmospherical warm. The natural larch formwork oft the facades will grow old gracefully. At the inside it is a miracle of space: different ceiling heights, galleries, two apartments. The windows are framing the view. Larchwood dominates the room, lodge feeling and an open fireplace: love and security.